Traditional Patchwork Turkish Rugs

Unique, antique and authentic. Handcrafted and entirely natural.


Taking an age-worn artefact, steeped in history and tradition, then transforming it into a contemporary masterpiece of the finest quality. Authentic hand-woven rugs sourced from all corners of central Anatolia are carefully selected and re-incarnated.


Anatolia is a historic melting pot of different cultures and once home to some of the most prominent civilisations in the world’s history.

This pivotal region brings a hugely diverse woven heritage and it is that stock upon which the best and most beautiful rugs in the world are created.


Each handmade design reveals the imperfections yet aesthetic beauty of vintage concepts, materials and ways of working into a unique contemporary interpretation where original features are not simply maintained but enhanced, with exquisite care and attention, creating an entirely unique modern masterpiece.


“Sophisticated authenticity in every sense. Quite simply the best of the best”

100% Natural


Made entirely of natural fibres – wool, hemp and cotton. Sustainable and eco-friendly.



Hand spun and hand knotted by Anatolian women. An artwork in their own right.



Aged and beautifully worn – 25 to 100 years old. Symbols of centuries old Turkish culture.

Unique and authentic


Each piece is original and entirely unique. The embodiment of a distinctive and rich heritage.

Created with precision


The latest technology and proven techniques coupled with contemporary design expertise.



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