Our Story

15 million square meters of handwoven and flat weave stock. Waiting to be transformed.


Carpets and flatweaves are collected from all around Anatolia and transferred to a state-of-the-art workshop for classification, cleaning and natural dying.

Cleaned. Decolourised and dried in the sun. Vintage maintained.


Sheared and decolourised carpets are prepared for the upcoming dying process. They are thoroughly cleaned, rinsed and dried naturally. Carpet pile is then groomed and trimmed.

A new lease of life.


Carpets absorb natural dyes in a climatically controlled dying vessel before being washed, shampooed and rinsed to stabilise the dye and remove any residues.



Each carpet is scrutinised and only the best pieces are cut and edged. Selected pieces are then undercoated to create firm and sturdy patches.

Carpet designers. The modern artisans.


Patchwork patterns, stitching yarns and colours are chosen by grand-master carpet designers supported by the latest design tech and platforms.

Production. Passionate and precise.


Specifically chosen patches are prepared and laid out by skilled craftsmen in accordance with the patterns from the grand-master designers. Even at this stage, many alterations are made.

Quality finishing.


Each piece is checked for defects, repaired or even rejected before the final patchwork is backed with a 100% plush cotton.

Quality product.


Careful eyes and ingenious hands check and approve every inch of the final product that is now better than original on many levels.

The best of the best. Only for you.


Each rug is unique, no two items are ever the same. Each rug exudes a rich and exuberant character. This is not just a furnishing of the highest quality. This is not only a work of art of impeccable build quality. This is a piece of history. A story. A passion. A gem. An heirloom. Quite simply, this is the best of the best.