Anatolia has a copious weaving culture and heritage where kilims constitute largest and most diverse flatweave category. Anatolian kilims are archetypical, complex, ethnographic artefacts that reflect basic cultural constructs of Anatolian pastoral and nomadic life. Weaving techniques, dyes and colors, patterns, textures of traditional Anatolian kilims feature significant differences region by region, town by town, village by village. Weaving kilims, was not only a way to design and create multi-purpose artefacts but also a medium to reveal cultural and aesthetic expressions and artistry for Anatolian people.


Kilim patchworks are not only modern, simple floor coverings but ethnographic documents embodying many stories, fables and legends where they come from. Curious eyes may read and enjoy those stories while regranting their ethnic values and beauty.



B-109-001 : 60% Wool, 30% Goat Hair, 10% Cotton

B-109-003 : 80% Wool, 10% Goat Hair, 10% Cotton

B-109-004 : 90% Wool, 10% Cotton

B-109-005 : 90% Wool, 10% Cotton

B-109-006 : 80% Wool, 10% Goat Hair, 10% Cotton

B-109-009 : 70% Wool, 30% Goat Hair

Backing: 100% Cotton Fabric


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