What's the best way to care for my rug?

To maintain the beauty of handmade rugs, we recommend the following care:

  • Avoid proximity to open fires. Although wool is not combustible, damage from hot embers or sparks might be irreparable.
  • Avoid continued exposure in damp environments. If wet, dry naturally. Hemp has a natural resistance to moisture but wool and cotton backings are not so impervious.
  • Vacuum frequently to remove dirt and grit from within the fibres. If spills occur, blot the liquid as soon as possible. The idea is to lift the contaminant to prevent further absorption into the rug.
  • When there is a noticeable spot or residue, blot the spot with warm water using a dabbing motion. Adding baking soda to the water can be helpful. Do not rub the affected area as this might induce the natural dyes to run. If a stain remains, try the same technique using a mild soap. Repeat if necessary.
  • For stubborn stains or larger spills, contact your local carpet cleaning specialists.
  • A quick response is often beneficial. Gently blot (do not scrub) the soiled area using a clean cloth or paper towel to absorb spilt liquids.
  • Air dry only. Applied heat-drying should be avoided.

There is a unique hardiness to Turkish wool due to the high altitude and climate of the region where the sheep graze. Their wool is long in staple and contains an unusually high amount of lanolin, a natural stain and soil repellent. The wool is inherently strong, elastic, and resilient, all of which contribute to its longevity.

Hemp is a naturally growing flora that thrives in some of the toughest conditions on Earth. It has therefore evolved an outstanding resistance to all manner of contaminants. Historically used for ships rigging and clothing, it is highly resilient to rot. However, do note that the plush Turkish-woven cotton backing does not hold such properties and so if rugs do get wet, they showed be dried naturally and not left in damp environments for extended periods.

We advise against the application stain-retardants or waterproofing agents on rugs and cushion covers. It is normally not required because wool and hemp carpets are naturally stain-resistant.

Take care of your rug and it will give you many years of enjoyment and perhaps become an invaluable heirloom for future generations!