>> We love feedback

Customer feedback is great.

It reminds you why you are in the business that you are in. It focuses the mind and keeps you on track.

When it’s more ‘constructive’ it helps you improve.

We love feedback.

Time and time again our customers keep telling us they love our rugs.

Sometimes they send pictures too. Like the one above (thanks).

They tell us how it adds value to their life. How it elevates their spirit. How it makes them feel grounded.

That makes us feel the same. We love what we do and we believe in it.

The transformation of something antique and unique. 

The contemporary design with a strong connection to the past. 

The fact our rugs are handcrafted and made entirely from natural materials.

We like being reminded.

When we are doing things right.

When we do something wrong.

So keep sending us feedback 🙂